Interpretation Services

Our 24/7/365 on-demand interpretation services will help you overcome communication barriers for 300+ languages.

Do you have patients or customers who don’t speak English well?

With CyraCom, you connect to a qualified language interpreter within seconds.
Spoken-language video and phone interpreter services are available at the same low per-minute price.
And you can cancel at any time.

CyraCom’s Remote Interpretation Services

Over-the-phone Interpretation (OPI)

  • Qualified and vetted professional interpreters
    • Employee interpreters undergo extensive interpreter training before taking calls
    • All interpreters monitored for quality
  • Easy, fast access
    • Available via any phone, any device installed with the CyraCom Interpreter App, or through our online portal

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI)

  • 30+ video and telehealth languages
    • Over 30 spoken languages and American Sign Language
    • Telehealth language services compatible with over 15 common platforms, such as Zoom
  • Professionally trained interpreters
    • Video interpreters complete extensive interpreter training
    • RID certified interpreters for American Sign Language
  • Easy, fast access
    • Access through any device with the CyraCom Interpreter App or through our online portal

It’s easy: how our Interpreter App works


Log in to the CyraCom Interpreter App or Web Portal


Choose the Language You Need


Enter Your Account Info


A CyraCom Interpreter Answers in Seconds

Interpreter vs. translator

Translation refers to the written conversion of one language to another; interpretation refers to spoken or signed language.

If you need document translation services, go here. We offer a variety of digital and print services in over 300 languages.

ISO-Accredited Operations and Services

We maintain several ISO accreditations, including:

We know language services

CyraCom is a leading interpretation company and one of the largest remote interpreting companies in the world. We’ve been providing language solutions for over 25 years. Our employee interpreters undergo extensive training for medical interpreter scenarios, become familiar with a variety of business industry topics, and sign an interpreter code of ethics before taking calls.

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