Language Access Plan Checklist

Use this checklist to get you started on building out your language access plan, or reviewing your current plan for any areas that could be improved.

What you’ll find inside

Number 1

Determine what you need to provide

The first step of the Language Access Plan Checklist helps you gather data from several sources. Knowing the most commonly spoken languages and the area’s population breakdown helps you plan ahead and receive more accurate pricing from language service providers.

Number 2

Establish your language access resources

After determining your top languages, think about the services you’ll need to offer to your limited-English proficient (LEP) patients. Your language access plan should cover the types of services you’ll need (phone, video, and on-site interpretation, as well as translation) in addition to who will provide each service (bilingual staff vs. vendors).

Number 3

Create guidance for how and when staff should use language services

This section will help you develop a plan to help your staff connect with an interpreter. Establish when staff should contact internal resources or reach out to your language services provider for assistance.

Number 4

Gain stakeholder support

Once you complete your assessment, you’ll need buy-in from stakeholders. This section helps you list stakeholders you’ll need to meet with.

Number 5

Provide staff support

In addition to providing training for all employees, this list will help you decide what to teach your staff to encourage compliance and brainstorm how to make language services accessible.

Number 6

Distribute language access material and equipment

In this section, you can check off materials you need to distribute to staff and display for patients. It also helps you get into programming equipment for reporting purposes and choosing access points.

Number 7

Review and update your language access plan

Finally, this checklist lists how to review and update your plan, which you should do at least every two years.

Language Access Plan Checklist

Download the Language Access Plan Checklist Here