On-Site Interpretation

On-site interpretation is when a professional interpreter travels to your location to help communication between your staff member and a person who doesn’t speak English well.

Why Choose CyraCom’s On-Site Interpretation Service

Some Conversations Should Take Place In-Person

Sometimes a more personal touch is needed when it comes to your interactions with your patients or customers. Some scenarios where on-site interpreters may be the most appropriate choice include:

  • Conversations with small children, patients with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and anyone else who may struggle to recognize a voice on the phone or a face on the screen is their interpreter.
  • Patients receiving sensitive news, such as a terminal diagnosis.
  • Conversations involving many participants where a remote interpreter may have difficulty tracking and relaying who is speaking.

On-site interpretation with CyraCom is available in many cities across the US. CyraCom will partner with you to determine your on-site needs and create a customized solution.

If on-site interpreters are not available in your area, CyraCom can provide phone interpretation in over 300 languages or video interpretation in over 30 languages. On-site interpreters typically bill by the hour.

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Qualified Experienced Interpreters

Qualified, Experienced Interpreters

CyraCom’s on-site interpreters pass a performance assessment with at least a “Level 3 – Professional Working Proficiency” on the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) scale, and they are tested on interpreter protocols, ethics, and best practices.

We hire experienced candidates that have a mixture of:

  • At least two years of interpretation experience
  • Professional certification and training
  • A degree in interpretation
  • Experience in relevant areas other than interpretation (e.g. healthcare)

Our American Sign Language interpreters are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and are nationally certified (RID or BEI). Once certified, ASL interpreters must maintain their certification through continuing education by completing specific interpretation training courses.

User-Friendly Scheduling Portal

The CyraCom On-Site Scheduling Portal allows you to schedule on-site CyraCom interpreters directly and includes:

  • A calendar view of appointments
  • Automatic status notifications
  • The text box for special requirements
  • Reporting capabilities
  • And more!
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Scheduling is easy with our simple request process:
  • Sign In

  • Click “Schedule Interpreter” button

  • Fill out request form

  • Submit!

  • Wait for Confirmation

    CyraCom confirms standard requests within 24 hours and urgent requests within one hour.