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Full Suite of Language Services Developed for a Variety of Industries

Why Choose the Leading Provider of Language Services to Businesses

CyraCom helping assess skills of healthcare staff interpreters and insurance dual-role bilingual employees

Trained and Qualified Employee Interpreters

All our employee interpreters are first vetted, screened, and tested for bilingualism. The candidates that pass initial screening then complete the instructor-led, interpreter training program that CyraCom developed in-house.

Interpreter Training for Your Industry

During our extensive training program, an instructor teaches our interpreter candidates interpretation best practices, protocols, and vocabulary reviews for various industries, including finance, insurance, utilities, legal, 9-1-1, and hospitality. Before graduating to the call floor, employee interpreters must pass written and oral tests.

Our employee interpreters learn various topics for the following industries, such as:

InsuranceUtilitiesFinancial Services
Legal and medical terminologyExplanation of billing, contract, and service cancellation terminologyExplanations of different accounts, loans, and credit
Common costs, financial transactions, payments, and feesEquipment installation and repairsMonetary disputes
Automotive, property, life, and home insurance termsGeneral customer service and inquiriesExamples of typical banking conversations
Process and procedures for recorded statement callsCommon utility terminology and conceptsCommon banking terminology

PCI-Compliant Operations

Our operations follow and are third-party audited for data security, PCI compliance, and HIPAA compliance. Some of our security measures include:

  • No cell phones allowed
  • No written notes
  • Security badges required
  • Supervisors watch over interpreters

Improve Productivity with Qualified Interpreters

When surveyed by ICMI, 60% of call center managers stated they believe companies like CyraCom improve one or more KPIs for their agents.

Deliver Quality Customer Service

Employee interpreters learn during their interpreter training how to match the tone and intent of your sales or service staff so that your customers experience the same high level of customer service regardless of language.

CyraCom Qualified Interpreters
CyraCom offers Secure Translations for Business

Secure Translations for Your Business

Translation plays an increasingly vital role in major business initiatives, such as reaching new markets and increasing customer satisfaction.

Why CyraCom for Business Translation?

  • Translation platform secured end-to-end, protecting customers’ private information
  • An easy-to-use translation portal for tracking projects and spending
  • Translation memory that can be applied across multiple facilities for reduced cost
  • Skilled, human linguists with subject matter expertise in various industries

Some of the Industries We Serve

Click below to read more about the materials that we translate for your industry.

GSA, DHS, & Federal Contracting Work

CyraCom International holds a GSA contract for Public Service Schedule 738 II Functional Category 1 (FC1). This Schedule facilitates access to commercial vendors of language services who can supply Translation Services, Interpretation Services, Sign Language, and Training Services.

CyraCom International also holds contract BPA HSFE70-16-A-1972. Under this contract, CyraCom can provide language interpretation and translation services to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and associated agencies. We also work with numerous state and local government agencies. CyraCom holds a national agreement with Value Point, accessible by states and territories across the US.

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