Language Services for Healthcare

Why choose CyraCom for your healthcare organization

Full Suite of Language Services Developed for the Healthcare Industry

Why Choose the Leading Provider of Language Services to Healthcare

CyraCom helping assess skills of healthcare staff interpreters and insurance dual-role bilingual employees

Trained and Qualified Employee Interpreters

All our employee interpreters are first vetted, screened, and tested for bilingualism. The candidates that pass initial screening then complete the instructor-led training program that CyraCom developed in-house.

Interpreter Training for Healthcare

During our extensive training program, an instructor teaches our interpreter candidates interpretation best practices, protocols, and vocabulary reviews for the medical industry. Before graduating to the call floor, employee interpreters must pass written and oral tests.

Healthcare classroom training covers relevant hospital settings, such as pediatrics, emergency medicine, trauma, outpatient clinics, medical specialties, and more. Instruction surrounding terminology and context found in medical calls includes:

NCIHC’s Standards for InterpretingCode of EthicsMedical equipment
Pharmacological concepts and medicationsCommon medical encounters, including: geriatric, pediatric, and mental health encountersSymptoms, diagnostics, and conditions
Body systems, anatomy, and physiologyEmergency situationsCheckups, invasive procedures, and other common medical treatment situations
CLAS standardsInsurance industry training for health plansAnd more

HIPAA-Compliant Operations

Our operations follow and are third-party audited for data security, PCI compliance, and HIPAA compliance. Some of our security measures include:

  • No cell phones allowed
  • No written notes
  • Training and acknowledgment of HIPAA laws
CyraCom for Healthcare Translation

Secure Translations to Provide Care

Quality translations are increasingly vital for major healthcare initiatives, such as reducing patient harm and readmission rates and increasing patient satisfaction.

Why CyraCom for Healthcare Translation?

  • An easy-to-use translation portal for tracking projects and spending
  • Translation memory that can be applied across multiple facilities for reduced costs
  • Skilled, human linguists with subject matter expertise in healthcare
  • Our qualified linguists can translate, edit, and proofread projects within our secure portal

Check out our list of materials healthcare organizations should consider translating for patient satisfaction and workplace efficiency:

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