Translation & Localization for
the Life Sciences Industry

If you globally distribute medical devices, provide critical pharmaceutical information, or conduct clinical studies, you need a qualified translation partner.
CyraCom’s ISO-accredited translation services can help your organization comply with regulations and provide product information in 300+ languages. Let our team help you with life sciences translation projects, such as:

Medical Devices

Patents Icon


Labeling Icon


Instructions for Use Icon

Instructions for use

Import or Export Permits Icon

Import or export permits

Manufacturing Process Descriptions Icon

Manufacturing process descriptions

Installation or Operating Manuals Icon

Installation or operating manuals

Regulatory Documents Icon

Regulatory documents


Pharmacological Studies Icon

Pharmacological studies

Toxicology Reports Icon

Toxicology reports

Regulatory Documents Icon

Regulatory documents

Summaries of Product Characteristics Icon

Summaries of product characteristics

Labeling, Packaging, and Instructions Icon

Labeling, packaging, and instructions

Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions (SUSARs) Icon

Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reactions (SUSARs)

Clinical Studies Icon

Clinical studies

Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs) Icon

Clinical Outcome Assessments (COAs)

CyraCom expert linguists can help you translate and localize marketing materials, including websites, collateral, and ad campaigns.

Choose CyraCom for your Life Sciences Translation Projects

Full suite of Life Science translation services in 300 languages

CyraCom’s linguists can translate various content and materials into hundreds of languages:

• Document Translation
• Desktop Publishing
• Validation
• Video
• E-Learning

• Website & Software
• Localization
• Subtitles
• Closed Captioning
• Voiceover

• Braille
• Large Print
• Transcreation
• 508 Remediation
• Readability

Human translation with a thorough quality assurance process

Vetted, experienced subject matter experts translate your materials, a second linguist edits, and a dedicated project manager performs an overall quality check.

CyraCom Quality Assurance Process Icon

Secure Translation Portal

For most projects, our linguists translate within our password-protected translation portal, reducing common security risks from downloading files onto individual computers.

Long-term savings with translation memory

We use a translation memory database for each client, and incorporate previously translated text into new projects to save you money and keep your materials consistent.

CyraCom Translation Memory Database

ISO-Accredited Operations and Services

We maintain several ISO accreditations, including:

Do you need interpretation services?

In addition to written translation, your team may need interpretation services to communicate with foreign clients or buyers. CyraCom’s trained employee interpreters and large-scale contact centers can help you quickly connect in 300+ languages.

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